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Guadua Angustifolia: Guadua bamboo

Also known as “giant timber bamboo”, Guadua has very thick sidewalls and is offered in diameters up to 6”. This bamboo has an overall sandy beige color and is quite straight with slight “waviness” over the nodes. Used extensively in construction in Central and South America, this bamboo is very strong and has the tensile strength of steel.

  • Appearance: Overall sandy/beige in color. Exhibits slight waviness. Also called giant timber bamboo due to its very thick side walls. Rustic in appearance, but may be urethaned to a slight gloss finish better suited for other more refined applications.

  • Grade (Int. vs. Ext.): Great for both interior and exterior applications.

  • Fire Protection: Yes – pretreated through sap displacement

  • Durability: Used for all application where durability is required, especially wet and tropical climates

  • Size: Diameters range from 2″ to 6″ and lengths from 8′ to 19′.

  • Strength: Very strong, used extensively as construction Bamboo in Central and South America in bridges, houses, public buildings etc. Tensile strength of steel.

  • Stainability: Can take a stain – prepare the bamboo by lightly sanding the surface.

  • Treatment Process: Individual Guadua poles are treated for insects with proprietary chemicals. The chemicals impart preservative, anti-microbial and fire-retardant properties.

  • Taper: Very little taper

The Best Bamboo Poles for Sale: Loaded Bamboo Container

The Best Bamboo Poles for Sale: Loaded Bamboo Container



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