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Bamboo Social Housing

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Bamboo Social Housing

Hi to all! Wanting to share a beautiful social housing project by Lucila Aguilar Arquitectos and with the consultancy of a good friend Jorg Stamm - worldwide renowned bamboo expert!

Please like and share if you appreciate good, honest, and affordable bamboo construction.


Architectural project: GROW YOUR HOUSE

Design: Lucila Aguilar Arquitectos


Advice: Jorg Stamm, construction expert with bamboo.

Structural calculation: BCI Structural.

Built area: 127 m2

Location: Tuzantán, Chiapas

Photographs: Lucila Aguilar

Year: 2017



The project began as a social housing proposal that Uumbal manages for its field workers. Uumbal is an agro-forestry company with 15,000 hectares of pine and palm plantations in southeastern Mexico -Chiapas, Veracruz, Tabasco and Campeche.

An investigation was made about their current housing situation, needs, customs and challenges to be solved. It was proposed to propose solutions that promote well-being, generate technology transfer, support the local economy and provide viable solutions for a better quality of life. A "Consultative Council" is created, a multidisciplinary group that provides guidance, ideas, and experience to enrich the project. Among the participants are Jorge Esteve, of AMSA; Arch. Juan Pablo Serrano, who actively collaborates in the design; Luis Atias, of COPRI; Enrique Lomnitz and Delfin Milton from Isla Urbana; Arq Raúl de Villafranca, and Lorena Vazquez Ordaz, of The Hunger Project.

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You can weave it, laminateit, spin it into fabric, even3D print it. Bamboo is one of the most versatile materials in the world, yet it is still relatively unknown in world of design. The first book of its kind, Booming Bamboo, written by Dr Pablo van der Lugt and published by Materia, explores the most innovative applications for this material, in architecture and design, but also in a multitude of other modern uses.

Bamboo can be used in nearly all (creative) industries: in construction, (interior) architecture, mobility, products, sports, fashion, packaging, and many more. With climate change and resource scarcity looming over our heads, bamboo is a super versatile material that can help us create a more sustainable and circular society using biobased materials.

Abundantly illustrated, Booming Bamboo provides a comprehensive overview of the enormous potential of bamboo. It starts by introducing the hard facts regarding global problems that we are facing, such as resource scarcity and climate change. The first part of the book introduces bamboo as a fast-growing, sustainable and renewable resource and explains how bamboo can play a vital role in climate change mitigation as well as in restoring ecosystems through reforestation. The second part of the book presents the various ways in which bamboo can be transformed into many different, exciting materials and fabrics. The book concludes by showcasing the most magnificent, innovative and inspiring bamboo products and projects that have been developed to date, examples of which you can see on the photos above (click on the photos for more information).

About the author
Pablo van der Lugt devoted both his Master and his PhD research at Technical University Delft to bamboo and bamboo materials, and currently active as Sustainability expert in the wood- and bamboo industry. With Booming Bamboo, he shows that in the essential transition towards a more circular economy, there are tremendous opportunities for bamboo.

About the publisher
Booming Bamboo is published by Materia, with the support of INBAR(International Network for Bamboo and Rattan), and MOSO International, a pioneer in innovative bamboo solutions for indoors and outdoors. They work together to promote the use of bamboo worldwide. Both organizations also celebrate their 20th anniversary this year.

For more about the book and how to buy it, click here.