Engineered The Best Bamboo Boards


The Best Bamboo is excited to introduce our new highly sustainable solid bamboo boards. All our bamboo boards are custom made according to our clients’ specifications and all our Engineered Bamboo is Thermally modified for outdoor use or Borated to achieve an incredible ‘rustic’ look and feel!


Laminated Bamboo Lumber

Using the best bamboo poles in its natural cylindrical form poses several challenges that we have learned through all these years exporting bamboo to the US and Europe. Most importantly, it is difficult to create reliable connections owing the circular geometry and the fact that bamboo is prone to splitting. Laminated bamboo lumber is a relatively new concept that involves gluing together the best bamboo slats to form rectangular boards similar to lumber which can achieve great structural characteristics! With the increasing social awareness for sustainable constructions and the increasing demand for using environmentally friendly materials, renewable building materials are currently being discovered or rediscovered. One of these resources is bamboo. Bamboo is biodegradable and its mechanical characteristics, in particular its strengh properties are promising. To use these advantages and to improve the application of bamboo in construction we are seeing engineered structural bamboo products being developed every day. A great example of this initiative is our Best Bamboo Boards made by compressing bamboo strips under intense pressure using a water base adhesive for interior use or a special resin for exterior and structural applications.



The Best Bamboo Vertical Grain Engineered Board

Bamboo has long been prized as a rapidly renewable resource that has an incredibly high strength to weight ratio.  Because bamboo regenerates itself and grows to maturity in 4 - 5 years, it is highly sustainable and eco-friendly. The bamboo species we use for The Best Bamboo Boards is Guadua Angustifolia from Colombian forests. Guadua is widely recognized as the strongest of all timber bamboo species and because we grow our own we know that the bamboo groves are managed responsibly and sustainably.  By controlling all aspects of the manufacturing process of our bamboo boards, we can assure top and consistency. FSC certification is pending.


What about EXTERIOR use?

Great Question! -For outdoor use, our proprietary process adds fungus, mold and insect resistance for long-term durability.  We have also developed a clear coating that has shown excellent resistance to UV degradation and protection against color changes from exposure to sun and climate.  This allows use in areas of high use such as theme parks, resorts and zoos, with minimal maintenance required.

The Best Bamboo - Dream Team

The Best Bamboo - Dream Team

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