Hi to all! Wanting to share a beautiful social housing project by Lucila Aguilar Arquitectos and with the consultancy of a good friend Jorg Stamm - worldwide renowned bamboo expert!

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Architectural project: GROW YOUR HOUSE

Design: Lucila Aguilar Arquitectos

Website: www.lucilaaguilar.com

Advice: Jorg Stamm, construction expert with bamboo.

Structural calculation: BCI Structural.

Built area: 127 m2

Location: Tuzantán, Chiapas

Photographs: Lucila Aguilar

Year: 2017



The project began as a social housing proposal that Uumbal manages for its field workers. Uumbal is an agro-forestry company with 15,000 hectares of pine and palm plantations in southeastern Mexico -Chiapas, Veracruz, Tabasco and Campeche.

An investigation was made about their current housing situation, needs, customs and challenges to be solved. It was proposed to propose solutions that promote well-being, generate technology transfer, support the local economy and provide viable solutions for a better quality of life. A "Consultative Council" is created, a multidisciplinary group that provides guidance, ideas, and experience to enrich the project. Among the participants are Jorge Esteve, of AMSA; Arch. Juan Pablo Serrano, who actively collaborates in the design; Luis Atias, of COPRI; Enrique Lomnitz and Delfin Milton from Isla Urbana; Arq Raúl de Villafranca, and Lorena Vazquez Ordaz, of The Hunger Project.

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